Ryder Cup History

In 1926, a team of golfers representing Britain went up against a team of American professionals after an exhibition match in Surrey, England. The success of this event and of prior informal matches between Britain and America laid the groundwork for a more official and regular competition.
In 1927, a British team travelled to Massachusetts for the first official Ryder Cup Matches. English seed merchant and golf fanatic, Samuel Ryder, donated a solid gold cup as the trophy and agreed to pay each member of the winning team £5. Ryder’s personal golf tutor, Abe Mitchell, is pictured on the trophy. In the inaugural Ryder Cup Matches, the US team defeated the British team by 9½ to 2½.
A two-yearly match between a British team and a US team developed into a tradition, and the Ryder Cup Matches were held every two years from 1927 on – excluding only 1939 to 1945.
From the end of World War II up to 1979, the Ryder Cup Matches were heavily dominated by the USA – with only one win, in 1957, by the British, and with a tie in 1969.

1979: European Golfers Join the Ryder Cup Matches

1979 is an important year in Ryder Cup history. In that year, the decision was made to open the matches to all top European players. This succeeded in making the matches more competitive. The first two European golfers to play in the Ryder Cup Matches were the legendary Seve Ballesteros and fellow Spaniard Antonio Garrido. Ballesteros went on to become one of the top all-time performers in the matches.
Since 1979, Team Europe has won the Ryder Cup seven times and retained the trophy once, and Team USA has won the Ryder Cup six times. See Ryder Cup winners for details.
In 2001, the Ryder Cup Matches were postponed to 2002 as a result of the September 11 attack on America. The Ryder Cup Matches are now held on even-numbered instead of odd-numbered years.
The 2008 Ryder Cup Matches marked the 37th edition of this historic tournament.The tournament was held at the Valhalla Country Club in Kentucky and saw a heavily fancied European Ryder Cup team defeated by 5 points by the American team. The Americans won every session of play, and the Europeans were comprehensively shut out in a famous win.
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